Dr. David Castillo, D.D.S.

Dr. Castillo graduated from California State University Fullerton with a Bachelor's Degree in Biological Science with a minor in Chemistry. His main interest while there was Microbiology. By studying bacteria he was able to better understand their effects on the human body, and how the body responds to them. He worked doing research with professors in the school in order to get more of a hands on experience with how bacteria functioned.

After graduating he went on to work in the lab of the Milk and Dairy Department for one of the local supermarket chains. There he was responsible for doing quality control of the products being produced, and checking the bacteria levels to make sure there were none before the products were shipped out. He also worked in a lab in Irvine, California where he tested medical products of popular manufacturers to make sure that they were sterile and had no bacteria.

He then enrolled in dental school at Loma Linda University. His knowledge of Microbiology from his past education and work experience made him appreciate more how bacteria in the mouth affected teeth Whitening. It also made him understand how to better deal with them before they do more damage to the patient's mouth. Dr. Castillo passes on the information he has learned to his patients so they can better understand how cavities are formed, and how to prevent them.

Dentistry is a profession that advances everyday. For this reason it is important that today's Dentist Moreno valley keep up to date with new techniques and technology to make a patient's visit the best we can offer. Dr. Castillo is always updating his knowledge with continuing education courses, and researching the latest technology that would make procedures easier on the patient. He also follows strict sterilization protocols, which he has been following since his college days, in order to keep patients safe. Dr. Castillo is a member of the following dental societies:

                              Tri-County Dental Society
                              California Dental Association
                              American Dental Association
                              Academy of General Dentistry

Dr. Castillo feels it is a privilege to serve the community, and promote good health. There are many patients that do not enjoy coming to the dentist, Dr. Castillo feels we need to go above and beyond to make the patient comfortable with us and understand the value of good oral health.



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