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Dental care for your whole family under one roof​

Unlike many dentists, we offer full-spectrum dental services in one office. From the basics, like brighter whiter cleanings, to more advanced procedures, like implants, consider Sunnymead Dental Group your one-stop-shop for dental health.

General & Family Dentistry

Maintain a healthy smile that represents the best you with quarterly cleanings per year. 

These professional, therapeutic dental cleanings include removing soft plaque, hard tartar buildup, and stains that accumulate above the gums. Our hygienists tailor your cleaning to your needs and recommend a cleaning schedule to take care of the build-up of plaque and calculus. The result? A brighter, whiter, healthier smile.

Prevent infection-causing bacteria with regular, non-surgical deep cleanings.

Deep cleanings are enhanced cleanings in which the dental hygienist cleans both above and below the gum line to remove hard tartar buildup off the tooth’s root surface. Removing the bacteria-filled, cement-like tartar off of the tooth structure prevents further bone loss and helps the gums reattach to the tooth. Deeper cleanings are also performed when gum disease is present to help prevent the disease from spreading.

Maintain your oral and systemic health by ridding harmful bacteria from your gums and bones. 

Periodontal maintenance cleanings are professional therapeutic treatments that follow a deep cleaning. A dental hygienist will recommend a planned approach to maintain the gum and bone that the patient currently has under constant attack of harmful oral bacterias.

Support a healthy smile by strengthening weakened teeth with fluoride.

Fluoride is a natural mineral that supports healthy tooth structure. It aids in cavity prevention, helping to strengthen areas of weakened tooth structure. Fluoride can be applied during any dental appointment upon request of the patient and/or recommendation of the dental

Protect your teeth from cavity-causing germs for the long term.

Dental sealants are preventive, protective shields that are painted on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. The tooth-colored sealant material blocks out cavity-causing germs and food particles.

Freshen your breath and boost your confidence by banishing bad breath.

Halitosis treatment helps resolve the underlying issue of chronic bad breath that breath mints, mouth wash, or brushing can’t fix. Halitosis is commonly caused by a buildup of bad bacteria in the mouth that the patient cannot clean on their own. Our dental professionals specialize in procedures that address the underlying cause of the bad breath, leaving your mouth not only fresh, but healthier.

Rid your mouth of infection-causing bacteria with a high-tec, pain-free laser treatment.

Laser therapy targets and removes microscopic harmful bacteria and infection inside of the gum tissue. Otherwise invisible to the naked eye, laser therapy allows the decontamination of bacteria that cause the downfall of healthy tooth and bone structure.

Take a non-surgical approach to healthier teeth and bones with our pain-free, high-tech laser.

Laser procedures available at Sunnymead Dental Group include: frenum cutting, gingivectomies, and cold sore treatments. Soft tissue lasers can make dental procedures faster, a favorite among patients with anxiety about visiting the dentist. They often shorten recovery/healing time and can require less anesthetic. The laser not only kills bad bacteria, but reduces bleeding and promotes healing. Some procedures we offer with our laser are gum reshaping, muscle attachment improvement, and helping oral sores heal much quicker with less chance of scarring.


Take a thorough look at your oral health to determine the course of action that works for you.

A comprehensive exam focuses on the entire mouth to assess and provide an overall prognosis and treatment plan for all teeth, gums, and bone in the oral cavity. We take pictures with a digital camera, x-rays of your teeth, listen to all the concerns or wish list items you have, and come up with an in-depth plan to get you back to optimal oral health, eating the foods you love, and looking like your best self.

Keep your dental health up to date to maintain your smile and avoid future issues. 

Periodic exams are dental exams performed throughout the year to check on the overall health of the patient’s mouth. These are conveniently offered at the same time as your cleaning appointment.

Get the care you need right away to decrease pain and stop the spread of infection.

Emergency exams target problem areas of the mouth that are causing concern. We listen to and address your pain points, recommend options and courses of action, and can often treat the area on the same day.

Gain peace of mind by staying up to date on your comprehensive oral health.

Oral cancer exams are thorough, painless exams that can help detect any areas of possible concern. All examinations done by the clinician include oral and head/neck cancer screenings. During an oral cancer screening exam, your dentist thoroughly looks over the inside of your mouth to check for discolored patches, lumps, or other abnormalities. The dentist also checks extra-oral areas which include the lips, along the jawline, and throat to ensure there are no causes for concern.

Anxious about your visit? Experience the dentist without stress or fear with gentle sedation.

Sedation is a wonderful option for patients who are afraid of or anxious about going to the dentist. For long procedures or patients who do not want to be awake during or wish to remember their dental procedure, a dental anesthesiologist can facilitate a gentle IV sedative.

Ensure optimal comfort during your visit with a prescribed medication.

Prescription medications can help fearful, nervous patients feel more relaxed and comfortable during dental procedures.

Restorative Dentistry

A specialty of Sunnymead Dental Group, we make and place permanent crowns on the same day.

Our strong, reliable porcelain/ceramic permanent CEREC crowns are made in the office and placed on the same day of your visit. These “one appointment crowns” eliminate the hassle of gooey impressions and temporary solutions.

Permanently restore missing teeth with a solution that looks like the natural you.

Bridges are permanent, non-removable dental restorations that replace missing teeth. The space is filled with a “floating tooth” or “floating teeth” that are anchored onto the patient’s natural teeth. Bridges can replace missing front and back teeth and are made with strong, esthetically-pleasing materials to mimic your own natural smile.

Fill in your smile with natural looking, long term replacements for missing teeth.

Dental implants replace a missing tooth in the mouth. They have the same look, feel, and function like your own natural teeth. Dental implants can replace single teeth, multiple teeth, or full arches with implant retained partials/dentures. Get back to eating what you want, when you want!

Help reduce pain and save your tooth before infection spreads.

Root canals can help relieve tooth pain, reduce or prevent infection, and help save your smile. This targeted, in-depth treatment removes infection from the inside of the tooth, leaving the tooth fully functional.

Get back to smiling and enjoy the food you love again.

Dentures are removable appliances that replace missing teeth. There are two types: partial dentures and full dentures. Partial dentures are designed for patients who have missing teeth, but still have healthy teeth in the arch to act as an anchor. Full dentures are designed for patients who have no remaining teeth and are held in by the bone and gums in the mouth. With many different options associated with dentures, the dentist can help patients navigate the best choice for your unique needs.

Easily repair cavities, chips, and discoloration with a filling that blends right into your smile.

Composite fillings (tooth colored fillings) are used to repair cavities, cracks, and fractures in natural tooth structure. Composite fillings are aesthetically pleasing and can be used on both the front and back teeth. They bond to the natural tooth structure, allowing for increased tooth retention. Composite fillings are a conservative approach to strengthening weakened tooth structure, while keeping the tooth-colored appearance.


Rebuild weakened areas of your smile with a strong, tooth-colored solution.

Porcelain onlays/inlays are conservative, yet supportive restorations that help strengthen weakened tooth structure caused by cavities, failing restorations, cracks, or fractures. Porcelain onlays/inlays are able to support larger areas of missing/weakened tooth structure. The durable porcelain material can withstand a large amount of force and pressure caused by daily use while prolonging the life of the tooth. Porcelain onlays/inlays are matched to the patient’s natural tooth structure, making them aesthetically pleasing and virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Get a stronger, brighter smile by adding protection to worn down teeth.

Covering worn or eroded dentin is done by placing composite resin material over worn areas of the tooth structure. Worn tooth structure can happen overtime due to grinding/clenching habits, improper bite, age, and many other dental factors. Worn or eroded dentin no longer has the protective layer of enamel covering it and is much softer and more susceptible to cavities, infection, and overall loss of teeth. The resin composite filling material is matched to your natural tooth shade and blends into your smile, often covering darker areas of your teeth. The result is a smile that’s not only stronger, but also brighter!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Brighten and whiten your smile with no sensitivity.

Both in-office whitening treatments and take-home whitening treatments are offered. These professional options have been proven to whiten the tooth’s shade up to five shades, without causing sensitivity, areas of discoloration, or pain.

Straighten your teeth without metal braces for an improved, more radiant smile.

Invisalign is offered as an in-office and take home orthodontic treatment, using clear trays to move, align, and strengthen teeth without having to wear bulky, metal braces. Straight teeth not only look good, but are easier to brush, get less cavities, and will wear down slower and more evenly.

Achieve straighter teeth without having to compromise on the foods you love.

Clear correct is an orthodontic treatment that helps straighten teeth with clear dental aligners (trays). The trays that straighten the teeth are nearly invisible, allow for easy brushing and flossing, and cause no dietary restrictions.

Align crooked teeth and improve jaw alignment for a long-term lovable smile.

Dental braces are orthodontic appliances that help strengthen and align crooked teeth in the jaw. Metal braces are offered as an option, as well as ceramic braces that blend in to the patient’s natural tooth color. Permanently straightening teeth helps the overall appearance of a patient’s smile, along with the overall health of your teeth.

Change the shape and color of your teeth to create the smile you desire.

Veneers are thin, cosmetic coverings that bond to the natural tooth structure, allowing patients to change the look of their front teeth and overall smile. Veneers are very thin, due to the strong porcelain material that is used. These are typically bonded to only one surface of the tooth, making them a very conservative, yet aesthetically pleasing option for smile restoration. Veneers can brighten and whiten your teeth, correct many cosmetic dental issues, and help protect weakened enamel.

Achieve your desired smile quickly with minimally invasive coverings for the teeth.

Lumineers are shell-like coverings for the front teeth, enhancing the appearance of the patient’s overall smile. Lumineers are minimally invasive, removing very little tooth structure. Patients can achieve their desired smile, without impacting the overall health of their teeth.

Gain your dream smile in one day with perfectly-fit permanent teeth.

This procedure allows for people who have removable dentures, or people that have teeth that can no longer be salvaged to have permanent teeth made without needing to worry about grafting or a waiting period. You’ll leave with new permanent teeth within the day.

Rebuild a smile you’ll love with natural-looking crowns or fillings.

Full mouth rehabilitation, or full mouth reconstruction, is ideal for patients who have healthy bones and gums, but have worn down their teeth due to soft teeth, grinding, GERD, or trauma. In these cases, the dentist will design crowns or fillings to mimic what each tooth would look like originally and rebuild everything to your unique smile.

Protect your teeth from getting damaged and alleviate pain from grinding and clenching.

Dental bite guards and mouth guards come in several different shapes and sizes to help patients alleviate clenching and grinding habits. Custom day and/or night mouth guards act as a protective barrier to your teeth, providing cushion to the muscles of the jaw. This can help alleviate head, ear, and neck pain, while protecting natural tooth structure and dental restorations. Dental guard sizes range from the full arch to the front teeth, each with different benefits. Your dentist will offer recommendations and help you decide which guard is best suited for your individual needs.

Ward off infection and the spread of bacteria by removing failing teeth.

Tooth extractions are performed by the dentist to remove failing teeth. Teeth fail for many different reasons, including large cavities, bone loss, infection, and broken/fractured tooth structure. Tooth extractions are typically a relatively quick, painless in-office procedure.

Avoid potential pain, crowded teeth, and infection to keep your smile healthy for future.

Wisdom teeth removal is done to remove third molar teeth that are causing dental problems or will eventually become problematic. Wisdom teeth can become infected, cause damage to other teeth, and become very painful if not treated.

Repair and rebuild your oral health through bone regeneration.

Bone grafting is a dental procedure that helps repair and rebuild bone in the mouth. Bone grafting is often done to regenerate growth in an area where bone was diminished or lost. With the ability to regenerate bone in the mouth, the dentist can provide the patient better, longer-lasting solutions for their dental needs.

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